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    • Get Paving With Liquid Limestone | Classic Concrete Perth

      Poured limestone, also referred to as liquid limestone is the latest product promising to end all the problems. The great benefits that poured limestone brings include: No weeds and ants in Liquid Limestone. Stone paving always looked superb, especially when well arranged. However, they require a great lot of maintenance.

    • Crave Liquid Limestone

      With over two and a half decades of limestone paving experience, Crave Liquid Limestone is Perth''s oldest and most reliable supplier. Working together with the top ten landscape designers and builders, we are able to deliver you a range of paving solutions that are both aesthetically stunning and built to last.

    • Liquid Limestone – A New House

      To maintain its appearance liquid limestone will need to be sealed around a week after laying. Thanks to Concept Concrete WA. for these two great examples of Liquid Limestone Paving. For posts on on getting your paths and driveways correct see …

    • What Are the Pros and Cons of Liquid Limestone?

      2019-4-5 · What is Liquid Limestone? Liquid limestone is a pourable mixture of crushed limestone and cement. While preparing the mixture, some plasticiser is incorporated to reduce the need for excess water while pouring. It is often used in Western Australia as a paving …

    • Liquid Limestone Pros and Cons [2021]

      2021-10-20 · Liquid Limestone vs Paving. There are a ton of different paving choice – from asphalt to concrete, cobblestone, artificial stone, tiles, brick, even wood in some cases. Not that long ago, limestone paving emerged as yet another interesting option for all types of paved areas.

    • Affordable Liquid Limestone and Paving

      Here Affordable liquid limestone and paving. quality is a standard not and extra cost. if your wanting Liquid limestone,concrete,brick paving,coloured concrete or bullnosing for driveways,patios,alfresco,pools,shed''s or where ever you would want it give me a call or text to arrange for a free quote. Liquid limestone starting from $45pm2.

    • Liquid Limestone Paving

      Benefits of Liquid Limestone Paving. Limestone paving is a wonderful alternative to traditional concrete, brick and stone paving. Not only does it look spectacular, but there are so many choices of colours, patterns and styles, AND limestone paving is stronger than traditional concrete, which means it''s perfect for driveways supporting heavy vehicles, etc.

    • Liquid Limestone Alfrescos

      Liquid limestone alfresco paving is a stylish way to transform your outdoor space and impress your guests. Why Choose Liquid Limestone Alfresco Paving When you choose liquid limestone for your outdoor area, you have many styles, colours, and textures to choose from, and since the product is poured it can be customised to fit your exact alfresco ...

    • Liquid Limestone | Hartney Construction & Concrete

      Liquid limestone is an excellent affordable option for outdoor surfaces around the home with many great textured and patterned looks, and is a great alternative to paving or traditional concrete. As well as great aesthetic properties, liquid limestone is also a …

    • What is Liquid Limestone Paving?

      2018-9-13 · Liquid Limestone Paving FAQs 1. What is Liquid Limestone? Basically, it is a mixture of limestone and cement, with other materials added depending on the application. 2. What is it Used For? Liquid limestone …

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       · Perth. Junior Member. Re: Paving vs liquid limestone. 6. Wed Sep 15, 2010 10:10 pm. We''ve only had one quote for each but for approx 150 square metres the LL came in at about $7k and the paving $11k - a considerable difference in my books.

    • Liquid Limestone Perth by Skyle Concrete

      If you''re looking for an alternative to concrete paving for your home, liquid limestone is the best way to go. It''s becoming a popular option in Perth and there''s an endless list of why this choice is better than pavers. We specialise in production and application of liquid limestone…

    • Liquid Limestone – The Future of Outdoor Home Paving ...

      2019-6-28 · This allows liquid limestone paving to be quite trivial to clean. Heat resistance: Liquid limestone has the unique property of being able to dissipate heat very quickly, thus allowing it to remain very cool to the touch even through the scorching afternoon hours of the summer. This is one of the defining features of liquid limestone …

    • How to Clean Liquid Limestone (Steps & Guide) …

      Step 3: Remove mold from liquid limestone. This step is the most labour intensive. However, depending on what equipment you have the job can be done in multiple ways. The easiest way is to have a pavement cleaning device that attaches to your high pressure washer like the image below. The other way to clean is to apply the soap mix with a hard ...

    • The Top 10 Benefits of Liquid Limestone

      2019-10-18 · Liquid limestone is a decorative concrete that can be applied on any paving project. This decorative product is achieved by mixing together crushed limestone, concrete, and other additives. You can use it on footpaths, carports, outdoor living …

    • Liquid Limestone Patterns

      2020-12-29 · Liquid limestone is a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone, and other additives to create beautiful patios, poolsides, and driveways. If you''re looking for an aesthetically pleasing paving option that''s both durable and versatile, then liquid limestone is the right one for you.

    • Liquid Limestone: The Lowdown On A Wonderful Paving …

      Liquid Limestone: The Lowdown On A Wonderful Paving Option. Crushed limestone and cement are combined to form liquid limestone. A plasticiser is added to the mixture prior to pouring so that excess water is not needed. But let''s take a moment to backtrack. Limestone has been used as a building material for thousands of years.

    • Liquid Limestone | Mr Blastit

      2016-4-22 · Liquid limestone is a very popular pavement option in Western Australia. It is made by mixing cement with crushed limestone. It provides a nice stable flooring that is cool underfoot. It has a natural character that is hard to replicate with concrete while still possessing many of the advantages of concrete. It is impervious to ants and weeds ...

    • What is liquid limestone?

      Again, liquid limestone can be a little more expensive than concrete, but it may be worth it for many. In this manner, is liquid limestone cheaper than paving? It''s Cost Effective: Paving your outdoor areas with liquid limestone will significantly decrease your renovation costs, because it''s much cheaper than most other materials and yet it

    • What is Liquid Limestone and what are the benefits

      2018-10-23 · The paving material known as liquid limestone is primarily made from a combination of crushed limestone and concrete, as well as other minor constituents. It''s usually sealed with a solvent or water based sealer after it has set to prevent staining. While liquid limestone is poured and spread in the same manner as concrete, but it is much ...

    • Primitive Stone in Mandurah, WA

      2017-9-7 · Primitive stone can help you create the style you are looking for, with our classic Liquid Limestone Paving or our contemporary Exposed Aggregate Concrete. Whatever style it is, we have the knowledge, expertise, team and creative ideas to fulfil your expectations from start to finish.

    • What is Liquid Limestone?

      Liquid limestone is a mixture of concrete, crushed limestone and other additives that is used in the construction of driveways, pool surrounds, and patios. Poured and spread like concrete, unlike concrete''s unattractive naturally grey colour, liquid limestone has a …

    • Limestone Cleaning and Sealing Perth | DJL Services

      Liquid Limestone Sealing Perth . Protect your limestone from stains and dirt by asking DJL Services to seal your liquid limestone. Not only are DJL Services a Perth limestone cleaning company, but we also specialise in liquid limestone sealing. Just like our limestone cleaning services, we apply the same level of care to liquid limestone sealing.

    • Pressure Cleaning Liquid Limestone

      Pressure Cleaning Liquid Limestone Perth ProtectorClean specialises in pressure cleaning liquid limestone, exposed aggregate and paving. Don''t let your dirty pavers and liquid limestone stop you from enjoying Perth''s great outdoor weather during the spring and summer months! Prepare now by having your concrete, paving, driveway and liquid limestone pressure cleaned and sealed by ...

    • Primitive Stone in Mandurah, WA

      2017-9-7 · Liquid Limestone Paving is a fantastic alternative to traditional paving and concrete as it does not absorb the heat, so therefore stays cool to touch and walk on during the hot summer months. This makes it ideal for Swimming Pool Surrounds.

    • Honed & Exposed Aggregate, Liquid Limestone

      Liquid Limestone. Over the years, our liquid limestone paving has been the top choice for those looking for a stylish and durable landscaping solution. Liquid Limestone. Request a Quote. We would love to hear from you! To request a quote or ask a question, please fill …

    • Affordable Liquid Limestone and Paving

      Affordable Liquid Limestone and Paving. 260 likes. If you need Liquid limestone concrete,for,driveways,patios,alfresco,pools,shed''s or where ever you need it don''t hesitate to …

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       · Paving & Concreting › Liquid limestone versus poured concrete - advice appreciated. Back to Paving & Concreting Next topic | Previous topic. Browse Forums. Paving & Concreting. Liquid limestone versus poured concrete - advice appreciated. by vegemite2008. Share. Page 1 …

    • Liquid Limestone Perth, Residential liquid Limestone ...

      2014-7-9 · Liquid Limestone is a modern and durable alternative to concrete, paving and bricks and is being used more and more for landscaping in Perth. Poured liquid limestone paving is a stunning replication of natural limestone replete with the infinite variations found in nature.

    • Spray On Paving – Nu Coat Resurfacing

      Spray on paving is a permanently bonding product that can completely transform your tired concrete, pavers or liquid limestone. There are endless amounts of designs available, our most popular is an aggregate design with a base colour and a choice of two fleck colours! we finish our process off with two coats of acrylic sealer to protect the surface.

    • Liquid Limestone Paving Perth | Classic Concrete

      Liquid limestone is a variant of concrete that uses crushed limestone in place of the more commonly used aggregate stone types, to produce a surface that provides ample grip, and yet is smooth and cool to the touch, even in hot weather. Liquid limestone can be inscribed with any number of attractive patterns to simulate paving.

    • What is Liquid Limestone Paving?

      Crave Liquid Limestone

    • Natural, Reconstituted and Liquid Limestone Sealer

      The strength produced by this matrix is makes it the ideal liquid limestone sealing system. Use Pro Primer 575 as an admix to produce superior strength, water repellent, and efflorescence proof reconstituted limestone products. Use Pro Seal 770 as a first seal coat to help fill larger pores and reduce the overall porosity of the substrate.

    • Liquid Limestone mandurah|liquid limestone driveways

      Liquid Limestone is a beautiful product that gives a superior sophisticated look and finish especially surrounding a pool. We also recommend Liquid Limestone for driveways and alfresco areas but can be used anywhere especially if you are looking for an alternative to paving. Liquid Limestone is a crushed limestone that is usually mixed with ...

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